Advertising through 2iventures

If you’d like to get the word about your venture out to the public, there’s no better way to do it than through the services of International Interactive Ventures. We strive to make sure that not a cent of your investment is wasted, by offering you the best available prices and terms. Our advertisers’ demand for quality is insured through the fact that they only pay for results.

By Adview

One option that we offer advertisers is that of purchasing blocks of ad views (AVs). “Ad views” are the same as “impressions” and indicate that the banner ad has been displayed once. This program is great for advertisers who feel the need to know how much they pay for every occasion in which their ad is viewed. It also serves the need of those who would like to spread out or concentrate the exposure of a given ad, over a given amount of time, usually determined by promotional requirements. International Interactive Ventures presents AV advertisers with two banner sizes which are considered standard within the industry, 728×90 pixels and 300×250 pixels.

By Time (Site Sponsorship)

In addition to the AV type advertising option, 2Iventures offers a more traditional advertising opportunity based on time. This time-based advertising is available to our clients through a limited number of monthly “site sponsorships.” If this option is chosen, a 125×125 pixel button is shown on every page of the site which the advertiser sponsors, for the extent of the sponsorship. Different sponsors’ banners rotate as pages are refreshed.

By Click/By Action

Yet another option available to advertisers through 2iventures is the ability to order campaigns on cost-per-click or cost-per-action basis.